Ceremony   挙式プロデュース                           ¥150,000〜 +tax

(会場選び・ コンセプト決め・進行&スケジュール作成 ・装飾等ご提案・お手配    /直接のお打合せは基本3回迄)


Reception    披露宴・会食会プロデュース                   ¥200,000〜 +tax

 (会場選び・ コンセプト決め・進行&スケジュール作成・装飾等ご提案・お手配    /直接のお打合せは基本3回迄)


Ceremony+Reception 挙式+披露宴プロデュース               ¥300,000〜 +tax

(会場選び・ コンセプト決め・進行&スケジュール作成・装飾等ご提案・お手配    /直接のお打合せは基本4回迄) 



Pre/After Photo shoot 前撮り・後撮りプロデュース          ¥50,000〜100,000 +tax

 (撮影場所選び・ 進行&スケジュール作成・お手配    /直接のお打合せは基本1回迄) 



Second Opinion アドバイス                      ¥30,000 +tax

(会場付きのプランナーさんがいる場合で物足りない場合のコンセプト決め・詳細ご提案    /直接のお打合せは基本1回迄) 


Meeting Accompany お打合せ同行                      ¥25,000 +tax

(会場付きのプランナーさん・司会者さんとのお打合せ同行    /1回) 


Add Meeting お打合せ追加                           ¥20,000 +tax





※正式にご契約になった際には、下見同行料はプランニング料に含ませて頂きますますので ご安心下さい


【Planning and services fee for a destination wedding in Japan】
-Ceremony only                                          ¥150,000〜 +tax
(We will organize the venue, attire and professional vendors)

-Ceremony + Reception                                                                                ¥300,000〜 +tax
(We will organize the venue, attire, decor and professional vendors)

-Rehearsal dinner + Ceremony + Cocktail party/Reception/After party          ¥500,000〜 +tax
(We will organize the venue, attire, decor and and professional vendors)

Note: Please note that travel expenses are charged additionally.    Please feel free to contact us!

At Ayaka Ishimura Wedding & Design we understand that deciding who to entrust with planning your special day is not an easy decision.  That is why we offer a consultation service.  Our planner would be happy to meet with you in person and talk with you about your ideas and organise and provide site inspections without obligation to secure our services.  We offer the following 2 plans.  

Full day of site inspections ¥20,000 + travel expenses.


Half day (3 hours) of site inspections  ¥10,000 + travel expenses.

Should you decide to secure the planning services of  Ayaka Ishimura Wedding & Design, any and all consultation fees will be deducted from our overall planning fee.